TweetGrass at ITP 30 1-in-1
November 5, 2009, 4:31 am
Filed under: News

For the Interactive Telecommunications Program’s 30th anniversary celebrations we created TweetGrass, an interactive installation meant to inspire community dialogue and individual actions that contribute toward living and working sustainably.

TweetGrass comprises of a bed of wheatgrass whose irrigation system is regulated through community twitters which are displayed on a screen above the wheatgrass. When twitter users tweet about steps they take to encourage environmentally sustainable living (with the hashtag #tweetgrass), their tweets form message clouds on-screen above the wheatgrass. Once a critical mass of clouds is reached it begins raining on-screen and this virtual rain translates into live “rain” by triggering an irrigation system that waters the wheatgrass. Those who don’t wish to use twitter can also participate by pressing gold leaf, or a collage piece of their choosing, to the TweetGrass planter box which will also trigger a tweet-cloud.

Through this cycle, TweetGrass seeks to offer a fun way to inspire community consciousness and individual actions toward sustaining and benefiting our environment.  And of course, the community gets to harvest the wheatgrass for wheatgrass juice!

Here is the first planting of TweetGrass that got it all started:


One project in one day: TweetGrass, version one!



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