TweetGrass encased
November 25, 2009, 7:39 am
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In order to meet the NY Stock Exchange’s building requirements, we’ve been brainstorming ways to “contain” TweetGrass’s watering system.  The least intrusive method we agreed upon was to place a partial plexi-glass box around the wheat grass.  This box would be open at the front, but enclose two sides, the back, and the top of the wheat grass.  We’ve also reduced the water outlet to one single mister in the middle of the stand.

We felt that this set-up would allow for the most interactivity while at the same time minimalizing any potential for the water to affect the surrounding environment.

An alternative to clear plexi is to lightly frost it on the three sides, which would allow for a variety of design options for transitioning from the surrounding Winter White Wonderland theme to the inner “dream” of summer within the frosted box.  For example, one could make silhouettes of a winter landscape on the outside which could transform into a lush forest of leafy trees surrounding the wheat grass on the inside (please forgive the crude drawings!):

Basically we were imagining the outer landscape to extend to the rest of the table stand which would be white with the continued frosted shadows of a winter white wonderland….

If it was necessary to close all four sides, it is possible.  One could even, for example, get the glass cut in an outline of the NY city skyline surrounding central park so that the wheat grass represented the park itself:

Lastly, if it is necessary, one could also enclose the wheat grass on all four sides as well as the top (just imagine the first image as completely enclosed).


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